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SEO Score: 48%


Page Title:
The meta title of your web page has a length of 43 characters. Most search engines will allow meta titles as 65 to 70 characters.
Meta Description:
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The meta description of your web page has a length of 182 characters. Most search engines will allow meta descriptions lenght as 160 characters. Most search engines will allow meta titles as 65 to 70 characters.
Meta Keywords:
  It looks like you didn't add any meta keywords to your website.
Meta Keywords are the specific type of meta tag that appear in the web page HTML code and these will help tell search engines what the topic of the page is.
Headers :
H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6
False False False False False False
Headings are defined with the <h1> to <h6> tags. <h1> says that is the most important heading. <h6> means the least important heading.
Favicon : No
It seems your website "" doesn’t have the favicon, we recommend you to use a favicon because When a user opens number of tabs in a browser, these favicons helps to easily identify a particular webpage more easily instead of clicking and searching the webpage again in browser.
Images : We found 1 images on this website
Hurray!!! We’ve found @ images in your website.You will get more traffic with the images rather than the content to your website when they appear in search results.
Frames : No
Congrats!!! Your website “” doesn’t have any frames. Content in your website “” will crawl by the bots successfully and it will appear in the index as intended.
Blog : There are no Blog on this website
Your website doesn’t have any blog. We strongly suggest you to maintain a blog for your website, to reach more visitors with the latest information you need to maintain blog. And is the one of raking factors in SEO.
XML Sitemap : Not Available
A sitemap is a file where you will provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your website. Search engines like Google read this file to crawl your site for indexing.
Robots.txt : Not Available
A robots.txt file guides search engine crawlers which pages to crawl or not.
CSS Validation : Sorry! We found count of errors (100)
Img With No Alt tag: We found 12 images with out alt tag on this website
We found that 12 images without alt tags in your website “” We recommend using alt text for all the images in your website. Using alt text will give the better use experience and it is also a SEO standard will give you to visible in image search results.
Broken Links: We have found 10 Broken Links
We’ve found 10+ broken links in your website. It is better to fix the broken links in your website before they shows negative effect on your website SEO. Visitors will not show interest on the websites which redirects to broken WebPages. Finally you’ll lose your website traffic.

Social Monitoring

Facebook: Congrats your website connected to "Facebook".
Twitter: Congrats your website connected to "Twitter".
Instagram: Congrats your website connected to "Instagram".
We found that your website is not connected to major social websites, we recommend you to connect your website to social platforms to reach more people.

Speed and Security

Load Time : 0.453 seconds(s)
File Size: 52Kb
Flash Test: Congratulations! Your website does not include flash objects
Url Redirect: 0 Urls are Redirecting
Canonicalization : Yes
Safe browsing: Yes
IP Canonicalization:  
Congratulations! website IP address: is forwarding to your website domain name!


Responsive : Your website is not Mobile Friendly

Expert Seo

No Index/No follow : No
Canonical Tag : Yes
Disallow : No


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